Rail Europe's Passes Headed for Changes

Europasses and Eurailpasses, offered by Rail Europe, undergo several changes on Jan. 1. Some travelers may save by buying 1997 passes now; they are good for six months from date of purchase. Among the major changes:

The five-day Europass will cover France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland; currently, travelers have to buy 11 days of travel to get all five countries. The least expensive first-class Europass increases by $16, to $253 per person, for two traveling together; it remains at $316 for single travelers. The fare to add on countries such as Greece and Portugal will be $48 per person for two traveling together; now some fares are higher and some lower than $48, depending on the country.

Prices for most versions of the Eurailpass, which covers 17 European countries, remain the same or decrease. A new pass, the Eurail Saver Flexipass, allows 10 days of first-class travel over two months at $524 per person, for two traveling together. For more information, contact a travel agent or Rail Europe at (800) 438-7245.

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