Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Re "Inquiry Leads to Firings at O.C. Sewage Plants," Nov. 1:

It seems rather appropriate that we discover a group of druggies operating in Orange County's sewage plants.



* The fact that a number of employees at a sewage treatment plant are drug users is not surprising. The problem of substance abuse among workers seems to be pervasive.

When an employer contracts with an employee to provide a service, the employer expects the employee to show up for work drug- and alcohol-free.

The employer should not be expected to pay someone who, by his or her own hand, has made himself or herself incapable of performing the job for which he or she was hired.

The suggestion that an employer is responsible for providing treatment for the employees' problems troubles me. The simple answer is: "Get your act together or get out."

This problem is an indicator of the overall breakdown of our society.

In recent years we have created "politically correct" terms to minimize the impact of unacceptable behavior or to make it seem acceptable. If the behavior isn't condoned, we place blame on others for the problems we cause for ourselves and we look to someone else to provide solutions.

Isn't it time we face reality and take responsibility for our own actions?

Life isn't just about feeling good.


Mission Viejo

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