Girl, 14, Arrested in Vandalism at Cemetery

The last of four teenage suspects in a grisly vandalism incident at Verdugo Hills Cemetery has been arrested, authorities said Friday.

Det. Nancy Lyon of the LAPD’s Foothill Division said the arrest of the 14-year-old girl concludes the investigation of the Halloween prank in which eight bodies were exhumed and the remains of one woman were propped up with a cigarette in her mouth.

The vandalism was discovered Nov. 12 by a volunteer caretaker, according to police.

Police allege that on the day after Halloween, the four teenagers, whose identities have not been released, ditched school and headed for the cemetery. They exhumed the caskets but did not leave any fingerprints.


Officers first arrested a 14-year-old girl Nov. 20. On Monday, they arrested the two boys--both 14--and they took the second girl into custody Tuesday.

The four are Tujunga residents who are part of a loosely organized group called the “Gothics"--based mainly at Verdugo Hills High School--who dress in black clothing and experiment with the occult, according to Police Lt. Joseph Garcia.

All of the youths have been released to their parents and are awaiting arraignment on one count each of misdemeanor vandalism, according to authorities.