GOP Tries to Oust Paul Stepanek

In reference to your article concerning state GOP officials' attempt to oust Paul Stepanek from their party (Nov. 28), it would seem that having an individual with the courage of his convictions would be considered an asset rather than a liability. Or is the Westside GOP chairman planning on ousting every Republican who voted for Bill Clinton as well?

Instead of wasting time raising claims of "betrayal," both Sean McCarthy and Armando Azarloza could better spend their time addressing issues that caused the Republican presidential candidate to end up with insufficient support from their own party. And should the GOP succeed in removing Stepanek, then he might very well become a welcome addition to the Democratic Party.


Los Angeles


I invite Stepanek, the Republican who challenged and lost to Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Los Angeles), to join the Democratic Party.

I've been voting the Roosevelt ticket for 61 years, and though we've had our share of bumblers and charlatans through the years, we have been the party of those looking out for the welfare of the many, instead of the party looking out for the welfare of the few.

I'd like to think that Stepanek, the young Republican longshot who crossed party lines to endorse President Clinton over Bob Dole, did so out of conviction that he was supporting the man most qualified to hold the office of president.

If he continues as a Republican, and if he runs again against a Democratic candidate I believe less qualified, I'll do something I've seldom done through the years--cross over and give him my vote.


Los Angeles

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