Why Follow This Leader?

Lesia Smith-Pappas, who was convicted of vehicular manslaughter in the death of her child, is starting a support group for parents ("In the Best Interests of the Kids?" Dec. 12). This paragon of motherhood was twice cited for not having her children properly buckled up and was driving without a license when the fatal accident took place.

She has consistently blamed everyone but herself for the death of her child. But perhaps the most appalling aspect of this sordid affair is that a number of people are drawn to her group.

Smith-Pappas did raise one good point, however. She insists that social workers should be screened as thoroughly as parents. If parents were, in fact, screened for suitability, Pappas-Smith would not have any children.


Eagle Rock


If I never hear Leslie Smith-Pappas' name again, it will be too soon. Please spare us any more of her self-serving accusations.

This is a woman who repeatedly endangered her own children by speeding and not buckling them in, a woman who still refuses to admit she did anything wrong.

She insists that what happened to her child was an accident. An accident is something you have no control over. She had control, and now a child is dead.


Las Vegas

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