Willie Williams

* Re "Private Attorney to Evaluate Performance of Police Chief," Dec. 18: Well, it's great to see that the L.A. City Council has decided to hire an attorney to evaluate the performance of the police chief. You certainly wouldn't want to consult with anyone who knows what police chiefs do.

If I had the IQ of a grape or was a City Council member, I would check with chiefs of police from other cities and solicit their input.


Culver City

* Re "Rehire Willie Williams? Just Stick to the Facts," Commentary, Dec. 13:

Does one have to be a minority to believe that there is an orchestrated campaign against Chief Willie Williams, or that The Times has been a major conduit in getting all the leaks and innuendoes to a wider public?



* I hope that the L.A. City Council has the backbone to buy out Chief Williams and not renew his contract for another five years.

The city of Los Angeles needs a real police officer to head the department for the next five years. Deputy Chief Mark Kroeker has proven himself as an excellent leader who is not only well-admired by the troops but also by the community in general. He can restore the department's morale and return it to the reputation it once enjoyed.


San Gabriel

* I think there is something to be learned of the caliber of your police chief in "Some Areas 'Taken Over' by Gang, Official Says" (Dec. 11), which states that an LAPD deputy chief says that some areas of Los Angeles are taken over by the 18th Street gang and that the department could do a better job. It seems obvious that Chief Williams has not actively pursued the problems facing your city, and yet he feels qualified to run for a second term.

If The Times had not brought the 18th Street gang to the public's attention, I'm sure Chief Williams would be floating along comfortably with the status quo.

There are honest and hard-working police officers on the force who see the problems facing the city, but are frustrated by the chief's leadership.


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