Top 10 Entertainment Highlights on the Third Rock From the Sun

As told by actor French Stewart, who plays the wacky alien on "3rd Rock From the Sun," and "3rd Rock" writer Harry Solomon :

"Independence Day": The moving, tragic story of some nice friendly folks from outer space who are viciously gunned down by a trigger-happy president. Wake up, America! This could really happen!

"Vertigo": An incredible achievement--Jimmy Stewart looks 40 years younger! Amazing what they can do with computers these days.

"The Cable Guy": It was nice having the theater to myself. I made shadow puppets!

"Twister": Thrills! Chills! A roller-coaster ride of a movie!

"Roller-Coaster Ride": Disappointingly dull. It just went up and down and up and down and then around a curve and then down again and then it was over. Would have been better with a tornado.

"James and the Giant Peach": They're lucky I wasn't on the set of this terrific movie, or they would've had to call it "James and the Giant Totally Eaten Peach." I love peaches!

"When Animals Attack IV": Have you ever seen a deer kick the living crap out of a guy? Talk about entertainment!

"Sleepers," "Swingers," "Screamers": I can't remember which of these movies is which, but I saw one of them and loved it. Run, don't walk, to see the one that I saw!

"The Hunchback of Notre Dame": The feel-good horrific deformity movie of the year!

"Star Trek: First Contact": I hope we'll be seeing more of these characters someday!

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