Civil War of Words

States compete vigorously for travelers and the estimin the U.S. State slogans are on the front lines of the battle. Some examples::

Alaska All things wild and wonderful

Connecticut: We're full of surprises

Delaware: Small wonder

Florida: Return to your senses in Florida

Idaho: What America used to be

Illinois: A million miles from Monday

Maine: The way life should be

Missouri: Wake up to Missouri

Montana: The last best place

New Jersey: What a difference a state makes

New Mexico: America's land of enchantment

Ohio: The heart of it all

Oregon: Things look different here

South Carolina: Smiling faces, beautiful places

Texas: It's like a whole other country

Vermont: It will change the way you look at things

Virginia: Virginia is for lovers

Source: 1995-96 Survey of State Travel Offices by Travel Industry Assn. of America

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