11-0 Means Lots of Job Security

Athletic Director Kevin White is trying to arrange it so that Coach Bruce Snyder becomes an Arizona State lifer.

“Arizona law prevents us from giving any coach more than a five-year contract, but we’re very interested in seeing to it Bruce stays at Arizona State a long time,” White said.

Snyder, 56, has two years left on a five-year deal. Since arriving in Tempe in 1992, he’s gone 6-5, 6-5, 3-8, 6-5 and 11-0.



Jake Plummer’s best play this season? To Snyder it was a scramble and pass he threw at Washington in the season opener, a 45-42 victory.

“We were up 21, looking like we’d run away with it, then Washington caught us at 42-42,” Snyder said. “Jake made a magnificent play in the final minute. We needed 25 yards to get into field-goal range, and he scrambled to get free . . . and hit Lenzie Jackson with an absolute drill shot for a 21-yard gain.

“He got two more completions and we kicked a field goal to win it.”