Work Begins on Sheriff's Substation in Lawndale

At least six miles separate Lawndale residents from their county sheriff's station, but that distance will soon be reduced with a substation that is going up on Prairie Avenue.

Together with officials from the Lennox sheriff's station, Lawndale city leaders are working to turn a 1,500-square-foot former senior citizens center at Prairie and 154th Street into a new substation.

About 15 officers will be stationed there, including detectives and investigators.

"This is one of the most important things the city has done since they incorporated in 1959," said Mayor Pro Tem Larry Rudolph. "The substation is going to benefit the whole community."

Rudolph said Lawndale has been planning the substation for more than three years, but budget cuts have stalled the efforts. Plans were able to proceed when the senior citizens were moved to another city building.

The cost of the $200,000 substation has been split by Lawndale and the county because officers at the substation will be dispatched to unincorporated county areas patrolled by the Lennox sheriff's station, including Del Air and El Camino Village.

"The substation will be especially helpful when there is an emergency," said Deputy Edmundo Hummel, who will be assigned to the station when it opens at the end of April.

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