Agencies Aid Families of Alzheimer's Patients

Two Orange County agencies, recognizing the need to offer more care for victims of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, are offering help for the families of victims and a home for patients.

The Orange Caregiver Resource Center is sending mental health specialists to homes of Alzheimer's patients to provide free consultations to the families. Families can request a consultation by calling (714) 680-0122.

The specialists can advise those caring for dementia patients on new medical techniques and methods for minimizing their own stress and managing some of the patient's behavior.

The consultation also includes tips on shopping for health care and how to handle legal and financial aspects of the situation.

The Delmapacifica Corp. in Huntington Beach started construction on a new Costa Mesa home for seniors who suffer from dementia. The home, to be called Mesa Terrace, is on West Bay Street and scheduled to open in April.

Administrators are taking reservations for the 82 spots that will be available at Mesa Terrace. The new facility will be geared toward the elderly, but executive director Marilyn Wotring said it will have a few spaces for Alzheimer's patients younger than 65.

Orange County has 40,000 senior citizens who have been diagnosed with the disease, according to the Orange County Alzheimer's Assn.

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