My Favorite Weekend

Saturday mornings: I like to sleep late--7:30 tops. Usually I get up at 6, since 6:05 is cookie time for my four dogs. Every five minutes that pass means one more dog sits down on top of me.

Saturday afternoon: Go to Seane Corn’s knock-down, drag-out yoga boot camp at YogaWorks in Santa Monica for 90 minutes of endurance-test-style serenity.

Saturday evening: Japanese dinner with friends at Nan Ban Kan in West L.A. because they have the best vegetarian side dishes. Who knew there would be a reason to look forward to burdock root salad? Or I like the Book Soup restaurant in West Hollywood because after dinner I can cruise for something to read.

Saturday night: Hear live music if anyone good is in town. Or find a movie I don’t think I am going to hate.


Sunday morning: I read the N.Y. Times and L.A. Times and listen to Harry Shearer’s radio show on KCRW. Then it’s dog walk time--my favorite in Malibu is the Michael Landon Park.

Sunday evening: I love the alternative comedy show the Uncabaret at LunaPark, where I sometimes perform.