City Council Upholds Veto of Antenna

The City Council this week upheld a Planning Commission decision to deny a request to put a wireless communication antenna in Monarch Beach Terrace.

But the council voted to let the Planning Commission amend Pacific Bell’s application so that the company can seek another site for the equipment, and to let other applicants revise pending requests.

“We took a difficult decision and hopefully made everyone happy,” Mayor William L.Ossenmacher said.

Pacific Bell had appealed the commission’s denial of its request for a wireless facility on a South Coast Water District tank on Caribbean Drive. The commission cited aesthetic concerns.


Residents had also complained that the equipment could cause safety and health problems and diminish property values.

With the council’s decision, Pacific Bell is banned from installing any antennas at the Caribbean site. But the company may seek a site elsewhere in the city, which officials said they will probably do.