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What: CD, “Secret World” by the Tim

Flannery Band Price: $15.

Branching out into music has become the latest rage for some superstar athletes (see Shaquille O’Neal). But San Diego Padre third-base coach Tim Flannery has been working on his music about as long as he has been in organized baseball. Now, his group, the Tim Flannery Band, has just released a CD, “Secret World.”


Flannery played for the Padres 11 years and has been in the organization as a minor league manager and major league coach since 1993. All those years on the road have given him plenty of time to work on his music.

The music on Secret World is far different from the Jimmy Buffett covers Flannery performed while a member of the bar band Buff’d Out. Instead, it’s a kind of a musical account of his travels, both in baseball and in the off-season. It’s not all baseball, but it has a good feel to it.

The CD can be ordered by mail from Tim Flannery, 315 First St., Suite U-109, Encinitas, CA, 92024. A portion of the proceeds fund baseball tickets for underprivileged children.