Tonya Harding Tells Police of Man’s Attempt to Abduct Her

Associated Press

Tonya Harding says she foiled an abduction attempt early Wednesday by ramming her truck into a tree and running away from a bushy-haired man who tried to commandeer her vehicle.

The figure skater told police the man abducted her outside her home at knifepoint and forced her to drive to a rural area. She said she dodged him in a chase through the woods, then jumped back in her truck and took off.

Aside from a slap mark on her face, Harding was unharmed.

Harding, looking serious and shaken, arrived at the Clackamas County sheriff’s office Wednesday night to help develop a composite sketch of the suspect. She told reporters she was “scared.”


“I just hope that he gets caught,” she said. “There are so many women that go through this and now I know how they feel.”

Sheriff’s deputies said they were taking the matter seriously.