Judge’s Custody Ruling Correct


* Bravo, Michelle Reinglass (“Attacks Notwithstanding, Judge Wieben Stock is One of the Best,” Orange County Voices, Feb.16)!

To try and ruin a judge’s career because you don’t like her judgment, and in this particular case because you want revenge on the children’s father, is most unconscionable.

There was only one right way for the judge to go and she did it. The children belong with their father, O.J. Simpson. There is no history of abuse to the children, and, like it or not, a court of law found him not guilty.


The Bible tells us that vengeance belongs to God. Leave the judge alone and stop stirring up the public. My prayers and best wishes are with Judge Nancy Wieben Stock.


Buena Park

* Re “Controversial Custody Cases Make Judge a Recall Target,” Feb. 18:

There is a custody battle. On the one hand is a divorced father who with his former wife and an extended, loyal and dignified family has reared two impressive adult children.

The daughter, in particular, is beautiful, eloquent, and conducts herself with taste and poise.

Then, there is the other family. According to friends, one daughter indulged in trysts in her living room while her children were in the home. A drug addict was welcomed to come live with these children. Another daughter sold nude pictures of her dead sister (the children’s mother) to a sleazy tabloid. Grandfather’s guardianship was revoked without public explanation. At least one of the children in this custody battle has expressed a desire to live with daddy.

I know which family I would prefer to rear my children.