Wilson in No Hurry to Talk Contract

General Manager Jack Ferreira called Coach Ron Wilson’s agent Monday to talk contract extension, but it’s a conversation that might be on hold.

“I’m not going to do anything about my contract until everything’s over,” said Wilson, whose contract expires after the season. “It’s a distraction.”

The Mighty Ducks made Wilson an offer earlier, but they didn’t agree on salary. The leverage swung in Wilson’s favor when the team made the playoffs. And because he’s unsigned, his name is often mentioned in speculation about other jobs.

“Because they mention my name on TV doesn’t mean I want to go to Pittsburgh or Detroit or Vancouver or wherever. I want to stay here,” Wilson said.


Ferreira said he is “well aware of all the ramifications” of not signing Wilson before the playoffs, but he is also wary of “distractions.”


Defenseman Bobby Dollas, recovering from chicken pox, said he isn’t sure he’ll play against the Kings on Wednesday but will be ready for Friday’s game.