Mondesi Struggling in No. 3 Slot


The Dodgers, who put Raul Mondesi in the third spot in the batting order and dropped Mike Piazza to fourth and Eric Karros to fifth this season, have watched Mondesi severely struggle the past week. Mondesi is batting .160 (four for 25) with six strikeouts since hitting a homer in his first at-bat April 8 against the New York Mets. He entered Friday’s game batting .212.

“It will come,” Manager Bill Russell said. “He got a big walk in front of Karros’ homer [on Wednesday]. He’s still going to bat third. He’s still making contact.

“Really, the whole team is not hitting consistently but [Greg] Gagne.”

Yet, reverting to last year’s order might also help Karros. Karros is batting .625 with two doubles, one homer and five RBIs in eight at-bats as the cleanup hitter this season. But as the No. 5 hitter, he entered Friday’s game batting .214 with one double, no homers and two RBIs in 42 at-bats.



The Dodgers have produced more players on opening-day rosters this season than any team in baseball.

There are 45 players in the major leagues today that are former Dodger minor league players--five more than any team in baseball. The Toronto Blue Jays are second with 40 players, followed by the New York Yankees with 37. The Angels have produced 28 players.

The Cincinnati Reds have produced the fewest in baseball with only 18 players.


The Dodgers have called upon Maury Wills to spend a week working with the triple-A Albuquerque team, in particular Chad Fonville, who was demoted last week.

“He’ll work with him on bunting, hitting and base running,” Bill Russell said. “I think this could really help Chad.”

Outfielder Karim Garcia doesn’t need much help. He had three home runs for the Dukes on Friday against Vancouver.


The Dodgers are 13-4 in the games backup catcher Tom Prince has started the last two years, including 2-0 this year.


“It’s nice when you can put a guy in there like that and he does a great job,” Russell said. ‘He’s the perfect guy for that role.”


DODGERS’ HIDEO NOMO (2-0, 3.50 ERA) vs. ASTROS’ DARRYL KILE (0-1, 3.00)

Site--Dodger Stadium


TV--Fox West 2.

Radio--KABC (790), KWKW (1330).

* Update--Hideo Nomo struggles against the Astros more than any team in the National League. He is 1-3 with a 6.14 ERA. “There’s no logic to it,” Astro Manager Larry Dierker said, “it’s just one of those things. I hope it becomes a mental thing with him and he tries to pitch beyond his capabilities, or do things that’s not natural. But who knows, maybe we’ve just been lucky.” Leadoff hitter Craig Biggio has given Nomo fits, batting .538 with a .846 slugging percentage. And first baseman Jeff Bagwell has shown no mercy, batting .556 with a 1.667 slugging percentage, hitting three homers in nine at-bats. Astro starter Darryl Kile is considered one of the best right-handed pitchers in the league. He has been devastating on center fielder Brett Butler and first baseman Eric Karros. Butler is batting .143 against Kile, and Karros has a .182 batting average with a .227 slugging percentage.