Update / Follow-up on the news

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To reduce “cruising” and address residents’ concerns about prostitution and other illegal activity on several streets near Garden Grove Boulevard, city officials have voted to close Josephine Street permanently to the north and continue a temporary closure of Wilson Street to the south.

Both roadways were blocked at Garden Grove Boulevard more than a year ago after residents complained about finding condoms, pornographic materials and drug paraphernalia on their streets and lawns every morning, thrown there, they said, by patrons of nearby bars and adult bookstores.

“Please continue blocking Josephine,” resident Robert Franklin said to public officials at a public hearing this week. “It’s made a world of difference, and not only in the traffic that cruises there. There’s no more parking, paraphernalia or pornographic materials.”


Several Wilson Street residents and business owners complained about limited access to their homes and said the barricades have caused more problems than they’ve solved. Residents also complained that the barricades have caused traffic to spill over onto adjacent streets and through commercial parking lots.

City officials left Wilson Street closed, however, as they continue to study the situation.