Katella Avenue Plan Is Headed to Council


The City Council is expected to decide Monday whether it will allow the Orange County Transportation Authority to make traffic alterations on the city’s busiest roadway.

As part of its Smart Street plan, OCTA proposes to widen Katella Avenue and make other changes, such as adding raised medians, traffic signals and turn lanes.

The improvements are planned for Katella Avenue between the San Gabriel River and Costa Mesa freeways.


Some city leaders say they aren’t convinced building a Smart Street on Katella Avenue is a bright idea.

Councilwoman Marilynn M. Poe criticized the plan because it calls for breaks at nearly every intersection, which would disrupt traffic flow.

She also said the plan doesn’t include building additional lanes at the onramp to the San Gabriel River Freeway, which could bottleneck traffic on Katella.

“One of my biggest problems is the people in the community do not want to have Katella any busier than it is now,” Poe said. “The impact to the businesses and residents will be great. I don’t think their concerns have been taken into consideration.”

The transportation agency must receive council approval before it can move forward with plans on the stretch of Katella Avenue within the city limits--between the San Gabriel River Freeway and Lexington Drive.

The council will discuss the issue at its 7 p.m. meeting at City Hall, 3191 Katella Ave. Information: (562) 431-3538.