1: The stock market’s 554-point plunge Oct. 27 was its worst point loss ever, but not its biggest setback on a percentage basis. The market that day fell:

a) 8%

b) 7%

c) 6%

d) 3%

2: The estimated $311 million being paid by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. for the Los Angeles Dodgers is nearly twice as much as the existing record price paid for a major league baseball team. That team is the:

a) Florida Marlins

b) San Francisco Giants

c) Texas Rangers

d) Baltimore Orioles

3: The price of gold this year fell below $300 an ounce for the first time since:

a) 1965

b) 1973

c) 1985

d) 1995

4: ValuJet Airlines Inc., trying to rebuild business after the fatal crash of its jetliner in the Florida Everglades in May 1996, changed its name to:

a) Sunshine Airlines

b) Southeast Air

c) AirTran Airlines

d) TransAir Group

5: Travelers Group Inc. agreed to buy the investment firm Salomon Bros. Inc. in a $9-billion stock swap. Travelers already owns what brokerage house?


a) Morgan Keegan

b) Montgomery Securities

c) Smith Barney

d) E.F. Hutton

6: This country is generally cited as the spark that set off the economic and currency crises now rocking Asia:

a) Thailand

b) South Korea

c) Hong Kong

d) Japan

7: WorldCom Inc.'s pact to buy MCI Telecommunications Corp. for $37 billion set a new high for corporate mergers. Name the two other companies that vied for MCI?

a) AT&T;

b) GTE

c) BellSouth

d) British Telecommunications

8: Speaking of landmark mergers, CoreStates Financial Corp. fetched the highest price in bank-merger history. What company made the offer?

a) First Chicago NBD

b) Mellon Bank

c) First Union

d) First Virginia Banks

9: When Roberto Goizueta took over as Coca-Cola Co.'s chairman in 1981, Coke’s stock market value was $4.3 billion. What was it when Goizueta died in October?

a) $19 billion

b) $78 billion

c) $103 billion

d) $150 billion

10: This former Walt Disney Co. executive settled his $250-million lawsuit against Disney for allegedly reneging on his payments for films and TV shows:

a) Jeffrey Katzenberg

b) Michael Eisner

c) Michael Ovitz

d) Robert Moore

11: In a landmark pact, cigarette makers agreed to pay $368.5 billion over how many years to settle scores of health-damage claims?

a) 5 years

b) 15 years

c) 25 years

d) 30 years

12: The Teamsters strike against United Parcel Service of America, which upset the U.S. transportation system this summer, lasted this many days?

a) 8

b) 15

c) 17

d) 21

13) This high-technology company invested $150 million to help shore up troubled Apple Computer Inc.:

a) Oracle Corp.

b) Cisco Systems Inc.

c) Intel Corp.

d) Microsoft Corp.

14) Dow Jones & Co. changed four of the stocks in its famed Dow Jones average of 30 industrials. Name two of the replacements from the list below:

a) Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

b) Microsoft Corp.

c) Travelers Group

d) Pfizer Inc.


The Answers: