Southern Flags Will Remain at City Plaza

After failing to persuade city commissioners to remove the Mississippi and Georgia state flags from a local plaza, Laguna Hills attorney Rock Kendall declared that he has given up his battle.

The Santa Ana Human Relations Commission on Monday rejected Kendall's request to have the flags removed from Santa Ana's Plaza of the Flags by a four-to-one vote.

Kendall, a Dana Point resident, argued that the state flags, located in the middle of the county's government center, are symbols of "racism and hate" because the Confederate banner is incorporated into their design.

But some commissioners said Kendall needed to take his complaint to the states of Georgia and Mississippi, not the city of Santa Ana. The Human Relations Commission is an advisory board to the City Council.

The city maintains the plaza and flies the flags of every state in the country to beautify the area and instill national pride, said parks and recreation director Cleve Williams.

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