Stacking Up Sales

Total album and single sales of CDs and cassettes for the week ended Sept. 7, compared with week-ago and year-ago levels, in millions of units sold:

Latest week

Albums: 10.3

Singles: 2.2


Albums: 11.0

Singles: 2.4


Albums: 10.5

Singles: 2.4

Atop the Charts

Weekly and year-to-date record company market share as of Sept. 7, based on current albums sold. This is an indicator of music company performance. Figures do not include catalog sales.


Distributor: WEA

This week: 17.43%

Year to date: 17.37%

Top-selling album: Dance

Artist: Fleetwood Mac


Distributor: BMG

This week: 14.96%

Year to date: 13.96%

Top-selling album: No Way Out

Artist: Puff Daddy


Distributor: EMD

This week: 14.41%

Year to date: 13.58%

Top-selling album: Ghetto D

Artist: Master P


Distributor: Sony

This week: 13.57%

Year to date: 12.07%

Top-selling album: Men in Black

Artist: Various


Distributor: UNI

This week: 12.15%

Year to date: 13.80%

Top-selling album: Songbook: A Collection. . .

Artist: Trisha Yearwood


Distributor: PolyGram

This week: 10.38%

Year to date: 11.59%

Top-selling album: Middle of Nowhere

Artist: Hanson

Source: SoundScan

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