Shintech Plant

Re "Environmental Justice Is Put to the Test," by Alexander Cockburn, Column Left, Aug. 28:

Shintech is the largest domestic producer of vinyl plastic, an important material used to produce pipe, siding, window frames, blood bags, meat wrap and many other items.

Our decision to build a $700-million facility in St. James Parish, La., was strictly based on economic factors such as access to raw materials, deep water and rail transportation, etc., and the availability of a very large tract of land with a wide buffer zone (there are only four residences within one mile of the proposed location of our process units).

Shintech's project enjoys broad support. Community outreach has been a top priority as indicated by our 50-plus visits with parish residents over the past year. In fact, we have been told our recognition of community issues and concerns--including our recognition of environmental justice--should be a model for the EPA.


Vice President of Manufacturing

Shintech, East Freeport, Texas

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