Back-to-School Bonanza


As any regular reader of this column knows, there are plenty of shops with prices that regularly shame even the back-to-school specials going on now. Resale shops are, in particular, great places to find quality apparel for a fraction of the price.

Ordinarily the Stork Shop would be included in this group even if there were not a special event going on. But here it is: After 50 years in the children’s apparel and furnishing business, the Stork Shop is closing its doors--just in time to help back-to-school budgets.

This store has long been a must for economy-minded parents and grandparents, but now at sale time, the bargains are even better and sometimes surprising. Owner Mort Silas apparently has found it hard to get rid of stuff over the years and has on hand more than 2,000 pairs of Billy the Kid and Levi pants, some of them bell-bottoms. He’s held onto them so long that the popularity of this style has returned. And he’s selling them all for $1.50 a pair.

If that doesn’t get you in there, maybe some ceramic doll lamps that retail for $100 and are marked down to $19.95 will. In the general inventory, tights that retail elsewhere for $4 to $5 and regularly sell here for $3, will be $1. Stock up.


Sizes here run from infant to 14 and there are deals on apparel for babies, boys and girls. You’ll also find bargains on strollers, cribs, car seats, and whatever else Silas has stashed during the past 50 years.

Everything is 30% off its already discounted price and Silas means to clear it all out.

* The Stork Shop, 1868 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles. (310) 839-2403. Sale starts today for preferred customers (that’s you) and continues until it’s all gone.


Weekend Super Sale

The Stork Shop is the week’s super sale, but ladies might also want to shop for themselves at the Clothing Factory. Here, a local manufacturer’s casual cotton knits are available at wholesale prices on a regular basis. This weekend, you can deduct another 30%.

* The Clothing Factory, 6831 Tampa Ave., Reseda. (818) 609-7219.