When I saw John Johnson's letter (Sept. 7) knocking the selection of Nicolas Cage in the role of Superman, I felt his opinion was way out of line. Although he denied it, I believe he thinks Christopher Reeve's portrayal is cast in stone as the only interpretation for that character.

I think Cage will give a fresh point of view to Superman. Johnson only notices the oddball characters Cage has portrayed. What he needs is a trip to his video store, so he can see Cage giving sensitive portrayals in "Moonstruck" and "It Could Happen to You." As for the "look" of Superman, one look at Cage in "Kiss of Death" or "Con Air" certainly convinces me he's got the body for the role. Johnson doesn't give Cage credit for having the versatility to play Superman, but if he'll try to keep an open mind he'll be pleasantly surprised.


San Rafael

* I must second John Johnson's letter regarding the ridiculous casting of Nicolas Cage as Superman. Now, I have nothing but admiration for Cage as an actor--but as Superman?

What's wrong with Bruce Campbell, or Viggo Mortensen--guys who actually look a little like Superman? But we must recall the director is Tim Burton, the man who gave us Michael Keaton as Batman. God help us all.


Los Angeles

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