Law Restricting Houseboats to Be Focus of County Meeting

County officials said they will meet next week to discuss a judge’s recommendation that they rewrite an ordinance restricting the kind of houseboats permitted in Marina del Rey.

Until then, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said it will continue to enforce the ordinance until otherwise directed by the Department of Beaches and Harbors.

“There is no directive to discontinue enforcement at this time,” said Deputy Paul Carvalho.

On Thursday, Culver City Municipal Judge Allan J. Goodman granted Katherine Campbell the right to continue living aboard her converted cabin cruiser in the marina despite an ordinance requiring all powerboats to be seaworthy.


More than 100 such boats stand to be affected by the 2-year-old ordinance, which seeks to rid the marina of unsightly boats that county officials allege drive down property values.

Many owners of these so-called live-aboards had removed the boats’ engines and steering devices, never intending to leave their slips. Campbell’s case was the first to go to trial under the new ordinance.

Referring to her boat as whimsical, Goodman said it was indeed a floating home, and therefore not required to be seaworthy.