Residents Can Comment on Budget via Web Site


Santa Monica has set up an Internet site for residents who want to comment on the city’s budget priorities for the 1998-99 year.

The site’s address is:

Of the 471 cities in California, 30% have Web sites but none are as interactive as the Santa Monica site, said Julie Marengo, the communications director for the League of California Cities.

“This is definitely cutting-edge kind of stuff,” she said.

The system is an alternative to sending letters or waiting in line to address the council, said councilman Michael Feinstein.


“The e-mail allows us to gather all the information in one place, take what comes in and reroute it with minimal effort,” said Feinstein. “We don’t have to schlep it around by fax.”

Submissions to the site are copied to all seven council members, Feinstein said.

Residents who want to comment on the 1989-99 budget must e-mail their comments before Tuesday, when the budget priority session will be held.