Son Is Tried for Murder, Minus Body


Although her body has never been found, 44-year-old Myra King was slain 4 1/2 years ago by her son, a prosecutor charged Tuesday in opening statements at the son’s murder trial.

The trial of Raymond Anthony Frost, who is in his 20s, is only the fourth in Orange County in which someone is tried on murder charges with no corpse as evidence.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Debbie Lloyd said the night King disappeared in July 1993, neighbors heard a thumps coming from her apartment, where Frost sometimes lived.


They also reported hearing a woman saying, “Help me! Help me!” and then a male voice saying, “Oh, my God, what have I done?”

“There’s no possibility that Myra King is ever going to show up,” Lloyd told jurors. “She disappeared the night she was screaming for help.”

The defense declined to make an opening statement Tuesday, reserving the right to make one later.