Dragstrip Heaven

I’d like to commend Heidi Siegmund Cuda on her excellent coverage of Dragstrip 66’s fifth anniversary bash (“Big Hair Belongs Here,” Jan. 22). As a club regular since late 1994, I feel her story accurately described the fun and campy and magical ambience of Dragstrip 66.

The happy, integrated crowd is quite a sight to behold. The club is a blissful mini-utopia of love and acceptance. Clad in modified thrift store fashions and outrageous accessories, many people of various backgrounds, races and sexual orientations come to Dragstrip ready to let loose, have a blast and dance, dance, dance! Indeed, a large part of the club’s success is due to the wonderful, eclectic musical tastes of deejays Paul V. and Tom Walker.

One never really tires of the sight of stunning, super-tall drag queens in cruelly confining corsets and seven-inch stilettos boogieing down to rocking tunes from bands like Led Zeppelin, Steve Miller, the Smiths and Public Image Ltd. Forget Disneyland, Silver Lake’s Dragstrip 66 truly is the happiest place on Earth.



Los Angeles