Can’t We Give Demi and Bruce Some Privacy?

These excerpts were taken from a live chat room on WBS-Chat Service, where members discussed the breakup of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s 10-year marriage.

joyjoy: Maybe this is all some sort of publicity stunt!

robert343: If this is publicity, shame on you! What about the emotional needs of kids! They are far too young to be exposed to this stupid stunt! Just so they (Demi & Bruce) can make headlines.

sender2me: Let’s face it. They are tired of sharing the spotlight.


WHYME: Both are very independent and they probably will not reconcile.

joyjoy: How can you focus on a marriage when your biggest concern is your breast implants or your hair plugs?

bendeno: Who cares, give them some privacy. If maybe Demi had not done so many shocking events (Vanity Fair cover, certain movies roles) to bring her into the public, yes, then maybe no one would care.

mona: I would hope that there are not unforgivable circumstances in their marriage that can’t be worked out. They have a family to think of and hopefully they can patch it up. It’s always sad when any couple goes their separate ways.


starrs: Why does everyone make such a big deal over celebrities? Why should it be such a big thing when famous people divorce? Anyway, they should be left alone to deal with this in private.

RU12: Madonna & Sean Penn, Burt & Lonnie, Clinton & Hillary. We are always into someone else’s marriage. If people only cared as much about their own lives as they do these celebrities.

queenie: I always thought that they made a perfect couple, they look good together, you would have thought that they were going to be together forever. But you never know what can happen.

Jeannie: Demi’s probably craving for younger and cute men, namely Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp.


Wiser2: Of all the things that are happening in the world. This is more important? Leave them alone.

jacky234: They are probably bored with themselves and / or with each other. Happens to too many people.

joyjoy: Why do we have to give in to statistics saying, “Well 50% of all marriages end in divorce.” Perhaps, we should change our thinking, work hard to save our marriages instead of giving in. Hard work will pay off.

1REASON: Well, joyjoy, celebrity marriages don’t last. They mostly all have money, they’re selfish and extremely self-centered and used to being treated like royalty by an adoring public.


roberts3: I know I would not want my wife playing roles involving sex with other guys. Bruce in “The Color of Night,” having sex every which way, was not helpful either.

DXQLT: I’ve been married 15 years, known my husband 21. Marriage is something you work at for yourselves, not for others.

random: Bruce didn’t want Demi to do the movie “Striptease.”

diana1: Shhh! This is what I heard. . . . The real reason is that Demi is dying of an incurable illness, so in an effort to spare her true love Bruce the pain of losing her tragically, she has devised this charade so she can slip quietly into her coma. However, Bruce will discover this in a letter after her death. Honest!!!


--Compiled by AARON DAVIS