A Court Room

All little princesses need a royal room for tea parties, social gatherings and just plain fun--without spending a queen's ransom.

Target's Princess Spirit collection lets you transform your little girl's room into a magical wonderland with matching and coordinating furnishings.

A wall shelf (about $25) and mirror (about $30) is ideal for holding tiaras, and a table and chair set (about $80) is the perfect spot for tea.

The step stool (about $30) can help your princess reach higher ground, and when she needs a special spot for thought, the rocker (about $50) couldn't be finer. The crowning touch is the coat tree, which can be had for about $30.

Princess Spirit is available at Target stores throughout Orange County.

Blooming Nature

If you take along "Wildflowers, Blooms and Blossoms" on your next nature walk, you'll never have to wonder about the name of a flower. You'll be in the know. This guide has a page devoted to 30 common wildflowers, such as the ox-eye daisy buttercup, Johnny jump-up, Indian paintbrush, wild concubine and turk's cap lily.

The book (North Word Press/Cowles Creative Publishing, 48 pages, about $7) has 90 illustrations. Plant descriptions include tips on where to find each wildflower and fun facts that are sure to keep the conversation flowing.

Author Diane L. Burns and illustrator Linda Garrow also include instructions for easy projects using the wildflowers, and there is a scrapbook at the end to make notes or sketch blooms.

The book is available at bookstores throughout the country or through the Internet at http://www.amazon.com.

Steely Performance

GE's newest side-by-side refrigerators have put noise on ice. Besides having the look of stainless steel, the Profile Performance series is designed to be quiet enough to let you chat at whisper level.

GE took out the noise because many of today's homes are designed with the kitchen and family room as a single space. Other features, such as water and ice dispensers, are included in this fridge with a built-in look.

On the stainless-steel model, the doors are manufactured with rounded edges so the trim kits or panels are needed.

Prices and sizes vary. Call (800) 626-2000 for more information.

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