Continuation School Named a State Model

Oak View High School, the Oak Park Unified School District’s continuation high school, is one of 16 California campuses of its kind named models by the state Department of Education this week.

Continuation high schools are designed to help students at risk of dropping out, by offering more support, flexible schedules and smaller classes than regular high schools.

“It is important to provide our youth who are at risk of failure with alternative educational options that meet their needs,” said state Supt. of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin.

Nearly 64,000 students attended 540 continuation high schools in California last year.


Oak Park Unified School District board President Wayne Blasman said Oak View is well deserving of its model school honor.

“We are set up in a way to satisfy kids’ needs, where the teachers reach out to the students rather than fitting them in a box and isolating them in a special program,” Blasman said.