Surf's Up, Big Kahuna

It's time to get "stoked" about "duck-diving" and executing an "alley-oop." But don't "wipeout"--you'll look like a "barney" in front of a "nugget."

If you're a surfer, you just caught my drift. But you don't have to be clueless if you don't water boogie. You, too, can surf the slang--right here, right now--with nary a gnarly wipeout.

* Air: When the surfer and board take off into the air and land on the wave again.

* Alley-oop: When a surfer rotates 360 degrees backward above the wave.

* Barney: A clueless surfer.

* Bogger: A person or wave that moves too slowly.

* Bowl: The most hollow section of a wave.

* Cliff widow: Nonsurfing woman who is left behind by a surfer when the waves get good.

* Duck-dive: While paddling out, the technique of submerging the surfboard under oncoming waves.

* Filthy: Flawless wave quality.

* Goofy-foot: A surfer's natural stance with the right foot forward, the left back.

* Grommet: A young surfer.

* Hellman: A risk-taking surfer.

* Kook: An inexperienced or older surfer.

* Lineup: The area where surfers linger for waves.

* Macker: A large wave.

* Nugget: An attractive member of the opposite sex.

* Ripping: When a surfer is ruling the waves.

* Shoulder-hop: To bust in front of another surfer.

* Soul surfing: Surfing for the love of it.

* Stoked: Excited.

* Wipeout: Crash.

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