Justice System Forum to Be Held June 15

The next community forum on the justice system will be held at 7 p.m. June 15 in City Council chambers. Launched by the Ventura County court system's presiding judge, Charles W. Campbell Jr., the forums have visited several county cities since February. Its panel members represent various branches of the court system, prosecutors, defense attorneys, police agencies and others.

The forum format includes a discussion on the role of each agency in a domestic-violence case and a juvenile case.

"The goal is to give the public a better understanding of the process and flow from the time a case is initiated by a crime through the final handling by the courts," said Campbell.

Those attending may submit written questions to panel members. The forum will be televised on local cable television. City Hall is at 601 Carmen Drive.

The final forum will be held in Oxnard on July 9 in Spanish. For more information on the forums, call Vince Ordonez Jr. at 654-2964.

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