Aiming High

Andrea O’Cain of Buena Park High: “Call me Ms. Planet, I am going to save the world.”

Vaishalee Shah of Buena Park High: “One day I am going to rule the world!”

Elizabeth Dawn Bradley of Canyon High: “I’ll become a Broadway star!”

Kim Daniels of Costa Mesa High: “You know who to vote for in 2024--Kim Daniels for president!”


Lisa Turner of Edison High: “I am in the process of writing an Oscar-winning screenplay with my best friend.”

Kuan-Chih Liu of El Modena High: “I want to be a comic-book artist and have my brother, who is a business major, help me create my own company.”

Simon Kim of Esperanza High: “I plan to serve as a general in the U.S. Army.”

Sam Nelson of Estancia High: “I will play Division I college basketball next year for the Air Force Academy.”


Deborah Espinoza of Foothill High: “Next time I sing at the Sydney Opera House will be as a solo performer!”

Crystal Baik of Fountain Valley High: “One event that I would love to see and take part in is the freeing of Tibet--that would be an unbelievable and truly beautiful event!”

Elizabeth Curto of Laguna Hills High: “My short stature (4 feet, 11 3/4 inches) has in no way hindered my success or my dreams of becoming a prominent businesswoman.”

John Dwight of Newport Harbor High: “I know in my heart that I will make a significant contribution to the world by changing the lives of others as well as enriching my own.”


Matilde Lopez of Santa Ana Valley High: “Due to the leadership I have acquired in my four years of ASB, I hope to achieve all the goals I have set for myself.”

Michael Shurance of Southern California Christian High: “My major goal is to become president of the United States.”

Clara Abadilla of Trabuco Hills: “I want to be a backup dancer in a music video, preferably Janet Jackson’s!”