Smart Aleck

The question May 24: Hollywood chose to set "Godzilla" in New York. What other monster movies would you like to see set in some other city?

"King Kong" set in Washington, D.C. Bill Gates (Kong) takes Janet Reno (Fay Wray) up the Washington Monument.

Raymond Bates

Marina del Rey


The next "Nightmare on Elm Street" should be set in Austin, Texas. Freddy would get so bored he'd fall asleep.

E. Landayan

West Covina


Godzilla could stomp on Simi Valley. Nobody would miss it, and Southern California could get another lake if the empty hole is filled with water.

Ruben Salas

Thousand Oaks


St. Louis, where the monstress "Georgzilla" picks up TransWorld Stadium and high-kicks her way to Orange County.

Wayne E. Scott



A 60-foot Newt Gingrich runs amok in the capital, stomping on big government in a rage over too much corporate welfare.

Mike Madrid



Sharon Stone plays a 50-foot woman who tramples Malibu, picking up all the handsome men and putting them in her purse.

Grace E. Hampton


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