A Delay, but Show Goes On

At last week's Troubadour showing of the Dickies, Slick 50, Texas Terry & the Stiff Ones and Speedbuggy, all was not well. Five minutes before Speedbuggy's set, drummer Pat Mezingo keeled over with a kidney stone attack (he lived to joke about it), and it made for a weird night filled with long set breaks. Slick 50, a late add to the show, managed to win over the Dickies-swooning crowd with anthemic, melodic rock. The popular local act will be opening for Lucy's Fur Coat at the Opium Den on June 25; don't miss the opportunity to see one of San Diego's finest crank up the volume (Lucy's recently got back together under new management). . . .

Woo hoo, recently, Mr. T's Bowl was a site for jaded eyes, when colorful fans of Nashville Pussy showed up for the indie group's video shoot at the venerable Highland Park-area ex-bowling alley. "It was a collection of some of the freakiest people I've ever seen," says one observer. "Oddballs, bikers, psychos and your basic Hollywood scenesters." Now, that's a party. . . . Aside from a dance floor scuffle Monday at House of Blues, it was nice to see longtime rapper, WC, from Westside Connection, get solo accolades. Nothing like a bit of hard-earned success.

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