Board, Union Agree on Summer School Pay

The Las Virgenes Board of Education approved an agreement this week with the district teachers union to ratify a contract raising instructors' hourly pay for summer school, making it equal to the rate for the regular school year.

The pay rate will be increased beginning this summer and will match the regular-year salary by 2000.

The board's decision follows the Las Virgenes Educators Assn.'s approval of the contract's terms last week.

Supt. John Fitzpatrick said he and other board members believe the deal is fair for everyone concerned.

Las Virgenes Educators Assn. President Sandra Pope said the main priority was to make sure summer school started on time.

"Educating the students is the main thing," she said.

More summer classes for elementary school students have been added.

Further contract talks between the district and teachers union will be held in the spring.

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