Fees Are Not Junk

Regarding the June 7 "Real Estate Q&A;" item headlined "Watch Out for Broker 'Junk Fees' When Financing," all of the fees mentioned are real and customary. They are not junk fees.

A mortgage broker does not collect underwriting fees, document fees or closing fees. These fees are charged and passed through.

The wholesale lender charges an underwriting fee (about $400) and a document fee that will range from $100 to $250. In Southern California an escrow is required on any loan transaction and the "closing fee" or settlement fee is the money charged by the escrow company, which is normally a totally separate entity. The processing fee is charged by the broker, which is normal. Processing fees, which are charged by all mortgage brokers, range from $250 to $600, depending on the type and complexity of the loan.

If the borrower wants to know what funds the broker receives, he should ask to see a "mortgage loan disclosure," which itemizes all the charges and what entity receives them. All loan brokers must give the disclosure form to the borrower, under Department of Real Estate regulations.


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The writer has been a real estate broker and mortgage broker for 25 years.

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