Students Take to the Boards to Raise Funds for Shelter

Fifth-graders from Sheridan Street Elementary School raised $199 to buy a basketball backboard and hoop for a local homeless shelter.

The basketball equipment was unveiled Monday afternoon at the Chernow House, in the 200 block of North Breed Street.

The 36 children staged a performance of the opera "Alice in Wonderland" to raise the money, teacher John Cromshow said.

Lack of funds had caused the basketball court to fall into disrepair, said Jeffrey Farber, assistant director of the L.A. Family Housing Corporation, the nonprofit organization that operates the shelter.

"To us this is really inspiring," Farber said. "To see kids in the community supporting the work we do makes us realize how valuable and necessary our work is."

Last year, the organization served more than 11,200 homeless people at 19 shelters in East Los Angeles, South-Central and the San Fernando Valley.

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