Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cigars

Just in time for Father's Day, See's is offering Seegars--10 one-ounce milk chocolate "cigars" to a box, wrapped in fairly convincing paper "leaf." Here's one stogie Dad can enjoy without having to go out on the porch.

Chocolate Seegars, $15, from See's Candy Stores.

Foiled Again

Ever since aluminum foil was introduced, people have been reducing cleanup by foil-wrapping food for baking or grilling. Now Reynolds is producing ready-made foil bags, "Hot Bags", which offer a couple of advantages over wrapping your own. The foil is sturdier; the bags are already sealed on three sides, so it's a lot easier to make a perfect seal; and they're big--14 1/2x17 inches--so you can easily cook an entire family meal in one. The sketchy barbecue motifs stamped on the foil (none referring to red meat, curiously) are just a bonus, sort of. There is one problem: cost. Each bag costs more than a dollar.

Reynolds Hot Bags, $3.79 for package of three, at supermarkets.

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