float v. how yogis attain a higher state. "Tate was floating so high in class tonight I hope he's able to drive home."

flow v. to move from one pose to the next.

grounded adj. desired mental state for a yogi.

om n. mystical utterance of affirmation, pronounced "ah-oo-mm" (rhymes with "home").

pose n. the position practiced by yogis, e.g. cat, squat, down dog, up dog, warrior, half moon, tortoise, flag and cobra. syn. asana.

prop n. straps, blankets and wood blocks used with some poses.

sticky mats n. what yogis sit on. syn. stinky mats rel. cushy mats a thicker, more expensive and less sticky mat.

swami n. title of respect for spiritual master.

turbulence n. what yogis rid from their minds. "I've got so much turbulence from my job review I don't know if I'll ever be grounded again."

urban practitioner n. hip yogi.

yogi n. someone who practices yoga.

yogic adj. describing something related to yoga. "That is a wicked yogic sticky mat!"

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