Car Owner Hurt in Attempt to Stop Thief

A woman suffered minor injuries after she jumped onto her convertible as it was being stolen and rolled across the trunk when the thief swerved to shake her off, police said.

The Costa Mesa woman, 46, left the keys in her car when she went into a liquor store in the 2200 block of Newport Boulevard about 4 p.m. Sunday, Costa Mesa Police Lt. Ron Smith said.

When she saw a man get in the car and take off, she jumped onto the passenger side of the car, Smith said. As the driver sped through the lot, the woman rolled onto the trunk and held on momentarily before falling and hitting her head on the pavement, Smith said. Paramedics treated her at the scene.

About eight hours later, Anaheim police found the car and arrested Donn Henry Lindekugel, 38, of Costa Mesa, on suspicion of grand theft auto.

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