Break Out of Suburbia

Are your clothes from a store that boasts 3,000 locations nationwide? Does your favorite restaurant have menus with pictures of food on them? If your life has more than its share of mass culture, then maybe you need to break out of suburbia and venture into Silver Lake.

Known for its free spirit, funky venues and cutting-edge trends, Silver Lake has already become the hip place to hang out. Calendar Live! makes it easy for the first-time visitor by showing you the coolest shops, bars and nightclubs.

Theater in the Rough

Outdoor theater has become a Southern California summer tradition, and this year the shows are bigger and better than ever. From Shakespeare in the park to mystery theater alfresco, Calendar Live! highlights all the drama this sultry season.

Movie Buzz and Juicy Bits

Each month on Calendar Live!, Tinseltown toon BeatBoxBetty gets down and dirty with the high and mighty.

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