Star-Watchers Play the Waiting Game at Birthday Bash

Hard to tell if last Thursday's bash at Barfly ushered in the best of times or the worst of times for the Hollywood scene, but we're betting on the latter. What was supposed to have been a karaoke birthday fete for guitarist Dave Navarro and members of Marilyn Manson at the tony Eurotrash club on the Strip turned into "Waiting for Godot," only less inspired. The guests of honor--Navarro, Twiggy Ramirez, Marilyn Manson with the lovely lass, actress Rose McGowan--did turn up for a nanosecond some time around 1 a.m., but left as quickly as they'd come (apparently to escape well-wishers and gawkers over at the Whisky Bar). Although such notables as Hugh Hefner, Pat Smear, Bijou Phillips, Eric Erlandson, Stephen Dorf and Ian Astbury were among those who still loitered about during Alexis Arquette's full-drag, post-show karaoke performance, it was too late to salvage the evening. (Brent Bolthouse recently took over promotions at Barfly, and we wish him luck.) If the Sunset Strip's rep as party central is to survive, it needs more enterprising rock stars to keep the flame a-flickering. . . .

Speaking of rock stars, thank goodness Axl Rose is gearing up for a comeback (the singer is still hard at work in the Valley with new bandmates on a fresh GNR record)--maybe he'll be able to pull a rabbit out of his hat, again. . . .

In even more upbeat news, Ozomatli's record-release party last week at the House of Blues was a beautiful thing, with the soulful group inviting about a half-dozen children to perform on stage for the entire set, including the young brother of singer Asdru Sierra, and guest rappers from Black-Eyed Peas. Even when the show was over, it still wasn't over, as the band weaved its way through the enraptured audience, still performing as it moved through the club and outside into the parking lot, where we witnessed a squadron of valet parkers getting their groove on. That's Ozo, good to the last drop.

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