WORLD VIEWS: How France 98 Is Playing in Publications Around the Globe


From La Marseillaise:

“In the 114th minute of the game against Paraguay, Laurent Blanc scored the first golden goal in the history of the World Cup, giving France a difficult qualification for the quarterfinals, where it will meet Italy July 3 at the Stade de France. . . .

“The Blues, for whom finishing wasn’t their strong point, qualified with energy, thanks to the decisive goal scored by Blanc.


“In winning by the minimum, thanks to a decisive goal against a very defensive Paraguayan team, the Blues negotiated an important turn in a road that is difficult.

“This victory, which they should have built sooner, with better finishing, will reinforce their confidence, which they will need for future games.”

From L’Equipe:

In a breathless overtime and after a match badly controlled, a golden goal from Laurent Blanc sent the Blues to the quarterfinals of the World Cup, against Italy, Friday at the Stade de France. Relief is higher than suffering.

The host country came very near an immense catastrophe [Sunday] in Lens, where its suffering was enormous before it won the prestigious prize of a quarterfinal match. . . .

“After the goal by Blanc in the 114th minute, which delivered them from an enormous torment, the Blues are perhaps going to like the golden goal.”


From Berliner Zeitung, interviewing German star Jurgen Klinsmann:


Klinsmann: Before the match, Germany vs. Iran, I was asked to wear the captain’s armband of the FIFA. I asked, “Why? I am representing the German national team, not the FIFA.” The official told me that he wouldn’t allow any discussion, this is an order.

Reporter: So the FIFA is too bureaucratic?

Klinsmann: If I don’t wear a FIFA armband or change shirts on the field, it will be punished with a yellow card. Before the games, there even is a passport control. I have to go to the referee and show him my shirt with the number. The referee’s assistant then takes my credential pass and compares my photo with my face. And then they count the players from 1 to 22.

Reporter: Did you already try to play as Lothar Matthaus?


Klinsmann: They are obviously afraid that Ronaldo plays for several teams.


From the Johannesburg Star:

“Denmark trounced heavily fancied Nigeria, 4-1, in their second-round World Cup match last night and killed off African hopes in the tournament until the 21st century. . . . Nigeria, hoping to be the first Africans to lift the coveted trophy, were . . . the last African nation of the five starters in the competition and had been much the most promising.”



From Zycie:

“The organizers of the World Cup and the security guards almost fainted when they saw the tattooed, half-naked British fans taking places next to Prince Charles at the VIP stands. . . . How did they get the tickets? It turned out that the tickets were stolen and sold by one of the volunteers working at the tournament.

“On Saturday he found himself in prison.”



Helene Elliott in Montpellier, France; Christian Retzlaff/Berlin; Dean E. Murphy/Johannesburg; Ela Kasprzycka/Warsaw.