A Man of Character, On and Off the Screen

Not only is Denzel Washington a good actor, but, unlike many of his counterparts, he has his feet firmly planted on the ground ("Life After Success," by Hilary de Vries, Jan. 11). He has his priorities clearly in order, making him a superb role model for all youth, regardless of color.

He's honest, candid, hard-working and charitable and not overly attached to money. He's a dedicated family man who believes that young people deserve a college education. In fact, he appears to be so intelligent and philosophical that one might well call him the thinking-man's actor.

His portrayal of Malcolm X--a film in which he virtually played two roles: the troublemaking wise-guy youth and the devoted, charismatic religious leader--was brilliant. He should have won an Academy award

Kenneth L. Zimmerman

Huntington Beach


I can't say enough about the Washington interview--evocative and entertaining are two words that come to mind. How refreshing to read an article about an actor whose talent on-screen matches the strength of his character off-screen.

I sincerely hope his "director muscles" are the next ones he chooses to flex.

Keep on keepin' on, Denzel.

Jennifer Hunter

Santa Monica


How very disappointing to hear anyone complain about making only millions of dollars for a few months' work--and then to further compare those earnings to the incomes of Bill Gates or Rupert Murdoch.

Let's put things in perspective. Washington is an entertainer who gives people something to do on Saturday nights. He is not using his genius to provide a product that has changed the way people do business worldwide. There is no comparison.

Terrie McKinley

Aliso Viejo

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