The Magic of McCabe's

We were delighted to read the tribute to McCabe's Guitar Shop by Faye Kellerman and Jonathan Kellerman ("Ye Olde Guitar Shop," Jan. 11). We've gone there for more than 25 years. But we must note that one can do more than buy an instrument or attend a concert at McCabe's. A person can find true love there. The two of us met in a McCabe's mandolin class 16 years ago, and we were married by John Zehnder not long afterward.

We are still married, and we still play the mandolin.

Barbara and Kurt Gary

Los Angeles


Since the guitar is prominent in rock, McCabe's has showcased many talented songwriter-performers outside of folk. However, McCabe's is not just about stringed instruments. Many poets, including the late Allen Ginsberg, have performed in that back room. McCabe's is indeed a place of magic.

Griffith Davies

Simi Valley


The only out-of-place touch in the McCabe's article was in the sole photograph, which prominently displayed the bane of the acoustic guitar family: the oh-so-Space Age-and-ugly Ovation guitar.

Loren Paul Deck

San Dimas

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