Name That Company

I started my long run in Oregon in 1964. A part of one of my products was invented when my co-founder melted a piece of rubber in a waffle iron. My logo is meant to suggest an appendage of a Greek goddess. I recycle 2 million of my products each year, transforming them into recreation courts. The cost of labor accounts for 4% of the retail cost of a typical one of my products. My stock price, although it has en has encountered some hurdles lately, has appreciated roughly 2,000% in the last 15 years, equal to 24% per year. Who am I?


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Last Week's Trivia Answer

My origins can be traced back to a milk-shake-maker salesman who passed through San Bernardino in 1948. By 1958, I had sold 100 million of my products. Some of my wares are measured in 4-ounce units, and my spokesperson's shoes are 14.5 inches long. An over-arching goal is to spread all over the world; so far about 60% of my revenue is generated overseas. I went public in 1965 and my shares have appreciated some 58,000% (even before counting dividends) since then. Who am I?


Answer: McDonald's Corp.

Our Los Angeles Times winner is . Jack Berger of Laguna Hills, who wins a copy of Bernie Schaeffer's new book, "The Option Advisor."

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